Diana G. Blanco,  M.B.A., Y.P.F.C. is mother of twins, a certified parenting, family and youth coach; a baby and toddler sleep expert; member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine; and the founder of Smooth Parenting.

Diana was born and raised in Europe (Spain); the oldest of almost 30 cousins. She earned her bachelor degree from the University of Wales, her masters in e-Business from La Salle Business School her MBA from New York University - Leonard Stern School of Business and her Youth, Parenting & Family Coach Certification from the World Coach Institute. 

Diana has an impressive track record of helping families teach their babies to sleep. Diana knows how stressful parenting can be at times, especially when sleep issues arise. She develops a personalized sleep and schedule strategy for the families she works with, after analyzing their parenting preferences, lifestyle and family dynamics.



Child Sleep Expert, Parent Coach, Founder of Smooth Parenting

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“I was afraid sleep training would damage my daughter in some way, and that she would become resentful towards me. So, I let her sleep with me every night, nurse all night long, and nap when she wanted on my lap or on her stroller. At her 12 month check-up, my pediatrician told me I couldn’t wait any longer. Olivia was extremely sleep deprived, exhausted, lacking energy and focus, and underweight. Sleeping less than 9 hours per night and catnaps throughout the day was causing her problems; so I decided to look for help.

Diana Blanco was the only sleep consultant I found who was willing to try a no-tears approach. She was patient enough to design a plan that addressed all my daughter’s health and developmental needs, and all my needs as a mother. The process was easier than I thought, it didn’t involve leaving Olivia to cry herself to sleep, and it certainly didn’t disrupt the wonderful relationship I have with my daughter. Since she was sleeping much more and much better, she was happier and more active during the day, and she was eating better. At her next well-visit, her pediatrician was amazed with the improvement. I couldn’t be more pleased and thankful to Diana and her Smooth Sleep approach.”

                                                                      STEPHANIE MCGRAW-LIN

                                                                                                                               Mother to 13 Month-Old Olivia

                                                                                                                                                                      Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM

Diana is absolutely passionate about empowering parents, and helping them have an easier, happier and smoother parenting experience.

Her approach to sleep training and parenting is gentle, progressive, effective, holds the wellbeing of the child first, and assumes that every child is unique and should be treated that way. Diana is loving, supportive, knowledgeable, non-judgmental and compassionate with the families she works with.