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Baby Schedule & SleepTM

The Essential Application for New Parents

~ iPhone & IPad App ~


The ‘Baby Schedule & Sleep AppTM’ will provide you with the BEST SCHEDULE FOR YOUR BABY, based on his/her age, desired waking time, food intake... an EASY-TO-FOLLOW FEEDING AND SLEEPING SCHEDULE that will take out the guesswork from your daily routine.

Are you wondering?

  1. What’s the best schedule for my baby/toddler?

  2. How many hours should my child sleep?

  3. How many naps should my toddler take?

  4. When should feedings take place?

  5. When is the right time to drop the night feeding?

  6. When can start formal sleep training?

  7. What will be my baby’s schedule once he drops one nap?

This is THE application for you and your family! Baby Schedule & SleepTM

  1. Baby Schedule generates the perfect schedule for your child, based on his/her age, weight, feeding stage and your family’s preferences (waking time, bedtime…).

  2. Baby Schedule will tell you daily how your child’s schedule should look like, what changes you should be introducing (adding solids to his diet, dropping the afternoon nap, sleep training…).

  3. Baby Schedule will also give you essential parenting and sleep training tips, and a list of major milestones that you should expect from your child at each age.

Baby Schedule’s Features:

  1. - Schedule Generator

  2. - Single Screen Entry

  3. - Multi-Child capability

  4. - Several built-in alarms for feeding time, sleep time...

  5. - Take a photo or use an existing photo of your child.

  6. - Automatic conversion between units (kg, lbs, ml, ounces)

Baby Schedule has been designed by Smooth ParentingTM

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