It's not too late to have the family you have always dreamed of and be the parent you want to be!

In this course you will learn ...

  1.   how to create positive change in your child's behavior, short and long term,

  2.   how to develop a positive relationship with your child, based on love and respect,

  3.   how to discipline your child without resorting to punitive demands, punishments, threats or bribes,

  4.   how to communicate with your children effectively, respectfully and assertively,

  5.   how to set limits that your children will understand and follow,

  6.   how to regain your peace of mind and enjoy time with your children,

  7.   how to ensure that your children grow up feeling loved, valued and respected, and being responsible, happy, accountable, confident, honest and respectful.

Transform your family in just 8 weeks!

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At the end of the eight weeks, you will have exclusive and direct access to a live Q&A session with Diana G. Blanco.

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The course starts Friday, August 2, 2013.

Week 1: Positive Discipline

  1. Understand the principles of positive discipline

  2. Define the true goals of parenting (short-term and long-term)

  3. Identify the different parenting styles

  4. Be aware of the negative and damaging effects of punitive and permissive parenting

  5. Know how to parent with compassion and firmness

  6. Learn how to make the transition from your current parenting style to parenting with love and respect

Week 2: Misconduct and behavioral problems

  1. Understand the behavior of children - why they do the things they do

  2. Learn age-appropriate behaviors

  3. Identify problematic behaviors

  4. Involve children in problem resolution

  5. Use mistakes (ours and our children’s) as learning opportunities

  6. Become the best example for our children

Week 3: Effective communication with our children

  1. How to talk so kids will listen?

  2. How to listen to the children talk?

  3. Understand effective and respectful communication

  4. Learn how to communicate with your children without yelling, scolding, nagging or constantly repeating yourself

Week 4: Parenting without punishments, punitive methods, or rewards

  1. Understand the effects of punishments and rewards on children

  2. Manage your own emotions to be better parents

  3. Be conscious of children’s basic needs

  4. Identify children’s emotions and their way to express them

  5. Learn the best alternatives to punishment

  6. Repairing the relationship with our children as we transform our parenting style

  7. Distinguish between consequence and punishment

Week 5: Preventing and resolving conflicts with our children

  1. Foster compassion, respect and love in our home

  2. Be aware of how the our children’s self image affects their behavior, and how our parenting builds up or damages that self-image

  3. Identify and prevent sibling rivalry in a positive way

  4. Implement cooperation instead of competition at home

Week 6: Raising happy, accountable and respectful children

  1. Establish effective limits with empathy and respect

  2. Instill responsibility and personal accountability in our children

  3. Help children to accept their mistakes and learn from them

  4. Create learning opportunities and responsibility on a daily basis

Week 7: Happy Parents ~ ‘Happy Family Program’ Wrap Up

  1. Take care of ourselves - “we can not give what we do not have”

  2. Define our Family Manifesto and Family Values

  3. Review and improve our family goals, short term and long term

  4. Establish family meetings and family traditions

  5. Deal with criticism, and with family and friends with different parenting styles

  6. Final thoughts

Week 8: Q&A Sessions

Diana G. Blanco will answer all the questions and doubts that you may have about the content you have learned, how to apply what you learned in your family life, and how to make the transition from your current situation to your dreamed family life.

‘Happy Family’ Program

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