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Parenting is one of the toughest ‘jobs’ on hearth and one of the most rewarding and fulfilling ones at the same time. Despite the books we read, and advice from friends and family; when we become parents, we sometimes feel exhausted, stressed, confused and not knowing what to do.

YOU WILL BECOME be the PARENT you always wanted to be!

Parenting Laser Consultation                                                                  

Over an hour long phone or skype call, we analyze your current situation and provide you with a customized action plan addressing your current parenting challenges.

Comprehensive Parenting Consultation                                   

We have an initial 30-45 minutes long phone or skype call to learn about your family, parenting style, child’s habits, family dynamics and the parenting challenge you need help with. We then design a comprehensive and personalized parenting plan that we share with you in a 90 minute long phone conversation.  

This package includes: family dynamics assessment, step by step action plan to improve current situation, and coaching strategy.

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We will provide you with an immediate action plan for a specific and common problems (i.e. potty training,  new siblings preparation, etc.), and a comprehensive assessment and strategy of more complex family issues (i.e. adjusting after divorce, discipline and behavioral issues, etc.)

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