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Is your baby keeping you up at night? Have you read all sleep training books and nothing is working?

Learn the basics of baby sleep, sleep needs by age, when to sleep train your baby, tips and tricks to help your baby sleep.

Teach Your Baby to Sleep - Video Class           

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In this hour long video class, Diana Gonzalez Blanco, founder of Smooth Parenting will teach you how to solve your baby’s sleep problems once and get a good night sleep once and for all. You will also get schedule samples, daily trackers, bedtime and naptime routines models, and much more!

This class is geared towards parents of babies under 24 months of age.

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Professional Certified Parenting, Family & Youth Coach

Member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine

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Smooth Baby Sleep Book

6 Simple Steps to Gently Help Your Child Sleep

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Want to stop yelling, negotiating, punishing and getting frustrated with your children?

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